Scrapbook made by Chyanne and Karra

The Proposal

Papa just died and uncle Tio Luis (papas older stepbrother) has already asked mama to marry him!! Thank god she rejected his proposal!!
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The Burning House

Tio Luis didn't like getting rejected, as much as we thought. So he Burned down our house. I made sure to grab the doll papa gave me for my birthday.
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The Train Ride

Mama told Tio Luis that she will marry him. But we ran away to the U.S. to get away from from him. Once we got to the Train, we got on and it was crowded. There was barely any room to stand. There was a little girl that wanted my doll but i think she was way to dirty.
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Momma Got Sick

Mama was working and a dust storm hit. She got sick, the doctor said she had a sickness called, "Valley Fever". She got so sick I got really scared. She had to go to the hospital, and she wasn't even talking.
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The Blanket

Mama came home, but she was still sick. Miguel took all my savings but i was glad when i found out what he used it for. He used the money to get Abuelita back to me and mama. Mama showed her the blanket she had been crocheting. It was big enough to cover two beds.
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