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Edition 1-October 2013



by Shania C

NFC North teams battle for playoffs

Aaron Rodgers is on top of fan stat charts

Time for more games

Injuries for the packers are really hurting their team

Outstanding win for Seahawks against the Cardinals

Next game Packers @ Vikings Oct. 27th

Adrian Peterson

Losses are unfair for the Packers so far

Fan stats for Bengals 65,818 spectator quotes

OMG I have a feeling that the Packers are amazing!

Oh wow, the Kansas City Chiefs are winning

Too bad Clay Matthews is injured, no more games

Bears at the Packers Mon. November 4

An upset when Brett Favre turns down NFL comeback

Love to our beloved Packers

Lucky Broncos fans -Payton going for touchdown record

Look at Tannehill in Miami

Eeek the Rams called Brett Favre their desperate

Aaron Rodgers had a good game Sunday Oct. 20th

Green Bay play the Eagles Nov. 10th

Unanimous wins for the packers Sunday

Everybody cheer if you like the Packers

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Sabish Volleyball

Sabish Volleyball

By: Brooke Hubbard, Kaitlyn Mohr

Serving you all of the Sabish volleyball news from players to coaches and all different grade levels. The season was a success. Players learned teamwork, developed skills and improved team communication.

This has been a great volleyball season. We interviewed Olivia from 6th grade, Shea-lynn from 7th grade, and Kiara from 8th grade.

Kaitlyn and I have noticed Middle back has been their favorite position and also their favorite part about volleyball is hitting and spiking the ball. Kaitlyn and I love spiking our opponents.

Olivia and Shea-lynn, dressed in the typical clothes of jeans and t-shirts, said they started playing because their cousins and friends played.

Kiara from 8th grade, wearing casual clothes, said she loves playing middle back and spiking the ball as well.

Brooke and I interviewed coach Hammer and coach Blatz. When we walked in the gym, coach Hammer was on the bicycle and in athletic clothes. She said her teams have developed in many ways: by communication and teamwork also in competitive spirit. We walked into Ms. Blatz’s classroom and asked her some questions out in the hallway. She was wearing nice jeans and a nice shirt and said that she sees more collaboration and more players working as a team since the beginning of the season.

We hoped we filled you with all of the Sabish volleyball news from this season.

Coach Hammer thinks....

Ms. Hammer’s Interview as a coach

reported by Brooke, Kylie, Samantha and Yiselle

How do you think the volleyball teams did well on?

We had our ups and downs this season but I had a good time coaching our teams and moments so I would say our teams did well this season.

What could they improve on?

Although some of the girls improved quite a bit at competing and giving it all they have, I feel like overall, we need to learn how to compete hard EVERY game, every drill, and every play. LEAVE IT ALL ON THE COURT.

What are some things they did well on?

They were surprisingly great at early morning practices! Very impressive for 7th/8th grade girls! (:

JFL-Fondy Junior Football

Fondy JFL

by Evan,Dakota

Fondy JFL is a football league for kids grades 5-8. It gives them a chance to play football before they get into high school, so they can be ready and understand how plays, moves, and techniques work before they get to the big leagues. It also gives them a chance to experience the feeling of winning and losing at an early age so they get the feel of it before they need to get serious in high school.

There are 12 teams all together. 5th grade has Black, Red, Silver, and Purple. 6th has Black, Red, and Silver. 7th has Black, Red and Silver. and 8th has Black and Red.

JFL used to just be 4th 5th and 6th and huddled with that for many years, but this year they chose to adopt the 7th and 8th grade teams into their league. 7th and 8th used to be part of each individual school, like Sabish and Woodworth, then last year they decided to combine all of the teams and make them all Fondy Cardinals instead of individual teams. But then this year they made them JFL teams.

JFL has been a part of Fond du lac football for many years now and it is a good plan to have them run the football teams until the kids get to high school ball. Having the JFL as the coaches is a good way to teach the kids good ways to play so they have the knowledge and experience for the high school team. The JFL consists of very good and experienced coaches that know what they are doing.

This year for the 8th black team was 7-2, Red was 6-2-1

7th Red 5-3, Black 5-3, Silver 6-2. 6th Black, Red, and Silver are all 4-4.

6th and 7th still have games on Saturday, so the records aren’t 100% accurate. It depends on the outcomes of the games. But the 8th grade season is over. Our last games were all last night at Sheboygan. We both won.

by Brett H.

Fondy’s Coming Back

For the past fifteen years fondy has never had such great youth football teams. Out of all the teams in Fondy, the 8th grade shines in glory. They have dominated most of their defenders. Including shutting out Kimberley in Kimberley which hasn't happened in at least twenty years. Also going 7-2, and having 15 injuries this football season. Colton Wasieleski and Adam Hopper Running people over like semi on the highway. Dakota Maas and Brett Hebert attacking the whole offense like hawks attacking prey.

Fondy Football

by Nickole Wesley and Jade Schibline

Mrs. Schneider inspired us and the whole class about interviewing others with Sabish and what’s it like. So, we thought about what goes on during school and at Sabish. We decided to do an interview about football this year with 8th graders, since it’s their last year here.

Our first interview was Sam Kroll. He was wearing a red shirt, jeans, and black tennis shoes. We talked in the hallway with loud noise coming from the 7th graders.

Our first question was, “Did you enjoy football this year than the past years?”

His response was, “Yes because JFL ran football and it’s organized. And the couches were more experienced than last year.”

Another student, Evan McEssey that was wearing black Van shoes, jeans and a blue shirt, answered our question which was, “Did you enjoy your team? Why or why not?”

“Yes we were the best in the league, and there were a lot of good players.”

Another question we asked was, “Did you improve your skills this year?”

His response was, “Yeah I improved blocking.”

And our last student, Wil Everson, wearing tennis shoes, a black Cardinals hoodie and black jeans, answered our last question.

“What was your strongest skill with your team?”

He answered, “Tackling each other and defense.”

The Future of Fondy Hoops

compiled by Dakota, Mason and Dawson


Are these the future stars of Fondy basketball?

Trevor - Yes, because he is a good center, his advantages are his height and his accuracy.

Payton - Yes, because he can shoot good, his advantages are intensity.

Cody - Yes, I am very athletic, he is very good at ball handling.

Mathew - Yes, because there is no competition and is very athletic, no advantages.

Elliott - Yes, he is a beast , lots of experience.

Spencer - Yes, he is very confident and outranks some of the other players, no advantages.

Damon - Yes, he is talented and confident, ball handling, speed.

Mason - Yes, straight up baller and a beast, ball handling, speed, Intensity, height, jumping ability.

Donta - Yes, he is very competitive strong athlete boy who would die for his team, advantages height, strength, speed, vertical leap.

Dakota- Yes, because i'm competitive and hard working, strength, height and shooting accuracy.

What position would you like to play?

Trevor - Center

Payton-Shooting Guard

Cody- Point Guard

Matthew- Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Elliott-Small Forward

Spencer- Point Guard

Damon-Point Guard

Mason - Shooting Guard

Donta - Power Forward

Dakota - Small Forward


Are these the future stars of Fondy basketball?

Saischia -Yes, because she is a hard working player, advantages are her height and accuracy.

Yisselle - Yes, because she goes to the ymca a lot to train, advantages are 5 year experience.

Brooke - Yes, She is very good, advantages are her years of experience and all the practice she has had.

Emily - Yes, she is very good, advantages are the basketball camps she took over the past years.

Alondra - Yes, she is a beast at the game and made it last year, shooting skills, handling the ball

What position would you like to play?

Saischia - Center

Yisselle - Shooting Guard

Brooke - Point Guard

Emily - Point Guard

Alondra - Shooting Guard

World Series 2013

by Cody P. and Wil E.

The teams finished the NLDS and the ALDS; now it is the World Series of MLB. These games allowed the best teams in baseball to play for the right to go to the World Series. The NL wild card was the Pittsburgh Pirates defeating the Cincinnati Reds. Then for the AL wildcard the Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Cleveland Indians. The scores were very close and two series forced a fifth game. In the NLDS, St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates, Cardinals won 3 games to 2 games. Also in the NLDS, Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves, Dodgers won 3 games to 1 game. Then In the ALDS, Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Red Sox won 3 games to 1 game. In the ALDS, Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics, Tigers won 3 games to 2 games.

The winners of the division series went on to the championship series. Hoping to go to the world series the teams have to play hard as the four teams at the top collide. The NLCS, St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, The ALCS, Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers,

Now it’s the biggest stage in baseball. The teams are ready for a gruesome seven games. The series has the Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals.The first game was a shutout with the Red Sox winning 8- 0. Then the next game with a new up and coming, outstanding pitcher in Michael Wacha the Cardinals won 4- 2. As we move on to game three with Jake Peavy pitching for the Red Sox.

I (Cody) believe the Red Sox will win. The game four pitcher will be Clay Buchholz with the rest of the pitcher not announced for the next games. The rest of the series will be the RedSox with Cardinals maybe winning one game in between that.

I (Wil) think that the Cardinals will take it all the way because they have Michael Wacha as there pitcher and they also have one of the best outfielders in Carlos Beltran. Also there next pitcher Joe Kelly didn't do very good in the last 15 outings; he only pitched a 10-2 record. Luckily the Cardinals have lots of confidence in Joe Kelly in game four.