Help Save the Wetlands!

By Mrs.Peeks Class


Our biome is the wetlands.There are many kinds of wetlands including bogs,fens,marshes,swamps, and estuarys. An interesting fact about the wetlands is that there can be fresh or salt water but sometimes a mix called brackish water. It is very wet and humid. You will very rarely see trees and shrubs. Some plants are peat,pond weed,reed grass,marsh marigold,yellow flag,meadow rue,and the weeping willows. Animals that need food and water go to the wetlands. And some animals are beavers,bob turtles,water spider and much more.The average climate is rainy cold and sometimes humid. Bogs and fens are most common in the colder areas. The wetlands receives over 1,524 milometers (60 inches) of rain.

This is where the Wetlands are located

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Problems in the Wetlands!

The wetlands are in danger! People are polluting,draining, and building things over wetlands. They are also dumping trash into the wetlands. This can cause animals and plants to have trouble surviving. YOU CAN HELP SAVE THE WETLANDS! You can help by recycling,riding bikes instead of cars, and raising money to make wetlands national parks or preserved areas.

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