Porto Rafti Living and Eating

Caleb Nicholas

"Fast Food"

Based on how I understand the Greek culture, the gyro is equivalent to the American hamburger. Therefore, I thought that restaurants that serve gyros would be much like the fast food places in the States. There were several differences, however, that I noticed that I think reflect a larger part of the two cultures. The American need for personal space is not present here. Even the layout of the gyro place provided evidence for that. The tables were very close together, and there were no petitions or booths to provide privacy for the customers like there would be in an American fast food place. Also, processes don't seem to be as effecient. The need to go as fast as possible in the States most likely propted the creation of a soda despenser and encouraged the use of disposable eating and drinking utinsils. However, at the gyro places I've been to, the plates and cups have been non-disposable, and the containers for free water have been fair elaborate despite the lack of adornment in the rest of the restaurant. The food here is simply not as "fast." I think I like it that way.