Hitler's Secret

Written by: William Osborne


Hitler's Secret by William Osborne talks about Otto and Leni's adventure while trying to take Hitler's daughter Angelika over the border. When Otto and Leni got assigned this mission they had no idea who it was they were taking. It was not until Angelika was talking about her Uncle Rudi who visits her that they figured out she was Hitler's daughter. On the quest on bringing her across the border they run into many complications. They also had to face their biggest enemy in this mission, Heydrich.


The theme of is book is that friendships can drive people to want to help one another. It was proved thought the story for instance when Otto stayed back and distracted for Angelika and Leni while they escaped. As a result Leni and Angelika came back for Otto when he got captured and tried their very to escape with him.


After doing research I realized that nobody really knew who Hitler's daughter was. As of today people suspect it to be a lady by the name of Angela Merkel who shows resemblance to pictures shown of Hitler and his daughter. People also suspect that Hitker kept it a secret so that way if she was ever found then people wouldn't kill her.
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Resemblance from the book to my research

The author did a very good job describing her in the book to who Angelika really was. Also in the book Angelika didn't know she was Hitler's daughter all she knew was that she had an Uncle Rudi who came to visit every month.


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