Psychology Analyzation

Danielle Putnam

Analyzing And Comparing

Asch (Line Expirement): At work, we really aren’t supposed to snack on the food in the back, but once everyone else does, we all begin to snack.

Zimbardo (Prison Experiment): At work, when we have a new employee and no one trains them, I have to be bossy to get them to learn what they need to do.

Milgram (Obedience Experiment): I have never been out in a situation that this relates to.

Conformity: To get to know my co-workers I became interested in a lot of things they were interested in.

Authority: My managers and the operator of the store are my authority figures.

More Analyzing and Comparing

Obedience: When my boss asks me to make lemonade, or clean the counters, I do it. This is an act of obedience.

Fundamental attribution error: We have been taught ways to avoid violence throughout the workplace but we are not taught what to do if it happens in front of the counter between two customers.

Self-serving bias: We shouldn’t clean the lemonade because we will get out late, but if we don’t, there will be a major build up of pulp.

Group think: We don’t really use groupthink at work.

Group polarization: We use this when we close. We plan out who can go get what and at what time to get us out at the earliest time possible.