Extra Credit assignment by Lena Sirman

Summary of Backlash

Lara Kelley has been flirting with a boy on Facebook, but when he posts stuff on her wall like "the world would be a better place without you in it" and "you're an awful person" she tries to kill herself. She wakes up in the hospital thinking she even failed at suicide. She starts going to a therapist and has to stay home from school. The police discover her old friend Bree made the account with her mom and a friend. Mr.Kelley storms over to their house yelling at 2:00 in the morning when he finds out the conners were behind the account. As a result he gets charged with disorderly conduct by the police. In the meantime Sydney Kelley and Liam Conners start dating despite the troubles. When the truth comes out Bree transfers to another school because she receives death threats and is bullied.Lara goes back to school her life finally gets better;she has a date for the dance, awesome friends, and is on the cheer team. Her sister and Liam stayed together though their troubles.

Favorite part of Backlash

My favorite part of Backlash was the end when Lara goes back to school she cheers for the school and laughs with the other cheerleaders. Lara sits with her friends at the football game and Luis asks her to homecoming. Most of all she overcomes her troubles.

About the Character and Author

Lara Kelley

Lara Kelley is an insecure teenager on the Lake Hills high school cheer team. Who was bullied in middle school then in high school tries to kill herself because of an old friends prank gone to far. She overcomes these troubles and rebuilds her life.

Bree Conners

Bree Conners was Lara's friend in middle school but in high school dumped her. Then plays a prank on Lara that makes her try to kill herself. She is snobby and thinks she is better than others.

Sydney Kelly

Sydney Kelly is Lara's younger sister she sacrifices a lot because of Lara and ended up dating Bree's younger brother Liam. Even though she is mad at Lara sometimes she is a good sister.

About the Auother Sarah Darer Littman

Sarah Darer Littman is the author of Backlash and has won the Sydney Taylor book award. She was born in New York and now lives in Connecticut with her family and 3 dogs.