Mrs. Victor


Twenty-three, ninth grade education, cocktail waitress, worked as a prostitute, married at age sixteen, divorced at age eighteen

Mrs. Victor is twenty-three year old cocktail waitress who formerly was a prostitute. Because of her experience with being a waitress, there is a chance that Mrs. Victor would be good at communicating with the whole group. If things get out of hand, she, like Dr. Dane, could be able to calm everyone down and regain hold of the situation. Her former job of being a prostitute and being married puts her in a good position for reproduction. Also, her marriage status (divorced) allows her to have a child without any consequences in mind. Mr. Newton is close to her age and he is also unmarried which means both of them could reproduce to create a larger population, which could become necessary to restart a new civilization. As the group continues to live on the island for a long time, they will need more people to create more benefits for the group.
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