Mrs. Bushman's Kindergarten Class


We have had so much fun getting to know each other this past month! We have spent a great deal of time making new friends and settling into the many routines of our kindergarten classroom!

Run, run as fast as you can...

I am sure that you have all heard about our cute little gingerbread man, Gingie. The children learned all about his attributes and, when he suddenly disappeared from our classroom, they were able to give accurate descriptions to the various school personnel with whom we visited during our search for him. We also worked in cooperative groups to make "Missing" posters that we hung up around the school! This was a fun and motivational way to get the children to meet the administrators, secretaries, school nurse, and guidance counselor. We ended this fun and exciting week by decorating and eating our very own gingerbread men!

Gabe, Weston, Carolina, Hailey, and Callan are SO PROUD of their decorated gingerbread men cookies!

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All things Phonics

We have also been focusing on early phonics skills such as rhyming words, counting syllables, and discriminating between pictures, letters, and words. We have discovered that with rhyming words, though the beginning sound of the word is different, the middle and ending sounds stay the same! We have also started learning new sight words, which are words that cannot always be sounded out! We have to just memorize them!

Music to our Ears

We have been learning lots of new songs this year! See if you child can remember and sing "The Months of the Year", "The Days of the Week", and "Top to Bottom, Left to Right", just to name a few!


  • Wedns, October 12th- Yom Kippur- NO SCHOOL
  • Tues, October 18th- Catonsville Firehouse Field Trip- Be sure to turn in your child's permission slip if you haven't already!
  • Fri, October 21st- MSEA Convention Day- NO SCHOOL
  • Wedns, October 26th- Farmer Stan Field Trip- Be sure to turn in your child's permission slip and $18 for the cost of the trip ASAP if you haven't already
  • Fri, October 28th- 3 hour early dismissal & Halloween Parade/Party