Goddess of Love

Coming to Olympus

Aphrodite was born from the sea and she was one of the goddess that always caught peoples eye especially the Olympians. When they found out about her Hera and Athena did not really hover over her is was more so Apollo and Ares. Zeus had told Aphrodite that she was going to be his daughter he had seemed that she was at a marriageable age. All of the gods wanted to marry her but for some reason he had chose Hephaistos and she was not really liking that she wanted to marry Ares. But the good thing about having a husband that was a craftsman was nice, Haphaistos even made her a ring.

A lady who was love had an adventure

One thing about Aphrodite was that she really only saved men and in the book she saved man from drowning and there was a lot of men who loved her. There was even a real statue of her on earth and this man would pray to her and he even made a little sculpture of her. One day when the man had gone to pray she had gone to his house and made the sculpture come to life an d when he had came home and he had hugged the statue it hugged him to and they had gotten married. Aphrodite even showed up at the wedding but she had a hood so no one would know that it was her.
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The golden Apple

All of the Olympians had to go to a wedding and Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite were fighting over a golden apples since some one had throne it and said " For the most beautiful one" and then Hera had called for Zeus to settle. He had one of his sons go and get prince of Troy and have him chose. Hera had offered him to become King of Troy instead of prince, Athena had offered him to be a better fighter than Ares, And Aphrodite had offered him to have the most peatiest girl on earth. He chose Aphrodite but she just throw the apple away. Then they all left.