November 16-20

The Buzz in Room 615!

Last Week

Reading/Writing: Last week was full of rhyming, making lists, and learning about 5-finger retell. (Thumb = character, first finger = setting, last three = beginning, middle, and end.) We even made our own grocery lists using cutouts from grocery ads I picked up at a few stores.

Math: A few new stations were introduced in math in order to practice our number skills from 11 and up. I also worked with students in their small groups on using place value blocks to compose numbers. They seem to really be getting a grasp on the idea of teen numbers. (And above!)

Science: Science began a new unit, which starts off with learning about physical properties of objects. We focused on color, size, shape, and texture. In order to introduce these, we played a lot of guessing games!

Looking Ahead

This Week

We finally have a full week of school ahead of us! So you can be sure we're packing it full of great lessons and activities. Here's a peek at some of the things we'll be working on.

Reading: We will be working on recognizing patterns in books, as well as the frequency of sight words in many different kinds of texts. In addition, we will be learning some strategies to figure out unknown words in a book.

Writing: In writing, we will couple what we're learning in reading and practice writing sentences that have a consistent pattern as well as recognize when the pattern stops/changes.

Math: We will continue with the counting, ordering, composing, and decomposing of numbers 11-20. During stations, students will continue to be challenged with work that fits their needs.

Science/Social Studies: We will be sharing our objects that the students brought in from home, as well as add on a description of texture. After ensuring that the students understand the concept of all of those physical properties, we will be taking a break from the unit to focus more on Thanksgiving! Be on the lookout for an email regarding party information - I don't have it all together yet, but it will be out soon!

Encore Rotations this week:

Monday: Art 1

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Science

Thursday: Media

Friday: Art 2