Roe v Wade (1973)

Grace Foulds

What is Roe v Wade?

Jane Roe, a Texas resident, wished to terminate her pregnancy by getting an abortion, but Texas law prohibited her from doing this. Texas laws stated that unless ending the pregnancy would save the woman's life, she would have to go through with it. This law does not stop the mother from putting the child up for adoption. In the end, the Supreme Court voted in favor of Jane Roe. Interestingly enough, Jane Roe never had an abortion because her pregnancy was finished before the outcome of the case was decided.
Audio clip of Roe v Wade

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What was the Outcome of this case?

In the end, the final vote of the Supreme Court was 7-2 in favor of Jane Roe. Supreme Court justices felt that abortion is a woman's right to privacy which is outlined in the fourth amendment making abortion a Constitutional action.
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What is a Real life impact of this case?

Roe v Wade affected many women in the United States because it changed 46 state abortion laws. It began allowing women to get an abortion which was a very controversial topic and it still is today. After Roe v Wade was decided, abortion rates in the United States peaked.

Why would I choose this case?

I chose to study this case because it is a very controversial topic even now in 2016. Although I am not a supporter of abortion, I think that since many people consider getting the procedure done, it is important to understand and to be informed about. Also, I chose to incorporate this background because a lot of babies are born in the Spring.