Aikido Workshop

Introduction to Aikido Workshop At Chi Center - Amman


The workshop will cover

  • What Aikido is
  • Aikido principles and how we work in Aikido
  • Demonstrating Aikido principles in action
  • Partner exercises
  • Questions

Friday 8th January 2:00-3:15pm

& Satuday 9th January 3:30-5:00pm

Single day attendance will allow for a basic introduction to Aikido


One day attendance: 10JD

Both days attendance: 15JD

Note: 50% of proceeds will go to purchasing blankets for families that need some extra warmth this winter

"Its not a matter of trying to control others by centering yourself, but rather by combining the weight of two partners into one unique center of gravity"
AIKIDO Bible 2

About the instructor

Mohammad Abumansour, 2nd Dan, started training Aikido in 2010 and has trained in several countries, including Japan, Sweden, Malaysia and Hungary