Ludwig Van Beethoven(1770-1827)

Charlotte Rollins

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Early Life

Beethoven was born on December 17, 1770 and, had a miserable early life. He had to provide for his family because his dad Johann was a "hard-drinker" and could not. But he did have a gentle and caring mother, Maria. Beethoven also had six siblings but, sadly only three of them survived to adulthood. Throughout his life he had multiple challenges but he persevered through them.

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About the map

The map above is of Germany. Beethoven grew up in a part of Germany called Bonn. It is where he found his affection for music. Writing his first symphony at the age of twenty-eight. Although he loved music he lost his hearing and became deaf in his late twenty's. He cut of the legs of his piano so he could feel the vibrations through the wood floor.
Beethoven - Symphony No 5 in C minor, Op 67 - Thielemann


Beethoven only wrote nine symphony's throughout his life. Compared to other composers he did not write that many. Symphony no. 5 is a well known piece of music that Beethoven wrote(A video of the song is above). Beethoven did not write a bunch of music because he had very challenging life. He did not have much time to get stuff done most of the time. Although he was deaf he could still play the piano because he was already taught how to.

Other Known Music

  • Symphony no. 1
  • Symphony no. 2
  • Symphony no. 3
  • Symphony no. 4
  • Symphony no. 6
  • Symphony no. 7
  • Symphony no. 8
  • Symphony no. 9

Beethoven's Legacy

Beethoven had a very challenging life but he still found time to play and write music. His legacy was being an inspiration to people that are always busy or have a disabilities.

Since he was deaf it made him it harder to write music but the persevered through and embraced it his music. He always knew that he could do anything when he died his last words were "I shall hear in Heaven".


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