June, 2019 Words for the Wise!

Successful Voyage to Port Success!

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We Set Sail for New Adventures and Learned Like Pirates!

Ahoy Owen Families,

Thank you for partnering with us on our journey to Port Success this year! We worked together to create an engaging, empowering and student led learning environment for our passengers.

The Owen Citizenship was full of focused energy and excitement from the first day we set sail! Each passenger set goals to achieve weekly, quarterly and yearly! The crew worked together to support and assist in navigating a course with him or her in order to achieve his or her goals during the journey to Port Success. We focused on the whole child by supporting his or her academic, social, emotional and physical growth. Each passenger brought such an eagerness, curiosity, and willingness to learn to the best of his or her ability every day. As Captain of the ship, we want to let each student know how proud we are! As our fabulous fifth graders set sail for new adventures, we wish each of them a safe voyage and congratulations on all of their accomplishments! We hope they fly back to the nest when they graduate in 2026 for their celebration at Owen.

We exhibited respectful "CHAMPion" behavior in all areas of the ship! We sailed through all sorts of seas, but no matter how high the waves, we worked together to navigate through each storm into a calmer sea. When a challenge confronted anyone, we worked together to resolve the problem and discussed positive ways to handle similar situations in the future. So many life lessons were learned.

Our minds are always growing, but only with great passion can we elevate to great things. The Owen Owls demonstrate great passion and perseverance. I know this Captain and Crew are people who are fulfilling their major purpose in life. With this magnetic combination, focus on the right work, and perseverance, there was no limit to what we could accomplish on this journey.

Thank you for partnering with us and we look forward to our next INCREDIBLE JOURNEY in August where we will continue to EXPLORE MORE!

Kids First,

Captain Earlenbaugh

Summer Office Hours

June 11th-August 1st


8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Owen's office will be closed June 24th-July 1st.

If you are not able to take care of registration or other business during these times, please contact the main office and we will schedule an appointment with you.

Illinois Principal's Association Student Recognition Breakfast 2019

Field Day Celebration!

Thank you Mr. Crackel and Mrs. Bradshaw for organizing this year's Field Day! It is our day to celebrate all of our learning accomplishments, friendships, teachers, staff, and our great character.

Even though Mother Nature was not on our side for most of the week. She did allow the rain to stop long enough for us to enjoy some time outside for some of the exciting activities that were planned.


Parents and guardians may view your child’s report card on your home access center (HAC) on June 10th.

Directions for printing the report card is located there as well. Be sure to share the grades with your child. They do not receive a hard copy from school.

Congratulate him or her on a job well done!

CHARACTER COUNTS! Everywhere and all the time!

Starting with character education and moving to character action is not a year-long journey, it is a life-long journey. We want our passengers to learn about character education, but more importantly we want our passengers to apply these character traits in their daily lives.

Thank you for teaming with us in this journey by looking for your child applying these positive characteristics in their lives outside of school.

Owl Standing Character Tickets!

Our Owl Standing Character tickets are the Universal Tier 1 level of our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) system.

Congratulations Owls! Kindergarten, first and second grades filled each level of their bucket with Owl Standing Character Tickets. They chose a grade level incentive at each point to celebrate their Owl-Standing Character as a team. Third, fourth and fifth grades earned at least one grade level incentive for filling their buckets with tickets.

Over 180 Outstanding Owl of Character tickets were drawn this year. Every Friday five tickets from each grade level bucket were pulled and the names read during morning announcements. The students enjoyed a "free sit" Friday at lunch.

Students Earning a Positive Referral

Congratulations to the following Owl-Standing Owen Owls for earning a Positive Referral since the last newsletter for demonstrating exceptional character. Any staff member may acknowledge a student who exemplifies T-R-R-F-C-C character on a regular basis. We encourage you to celebrate this with your child. We recognize each student during morning announcements. He or she will sign our Kids for Character Positive Referral Book and places a personal Owl-Standing Owl of Character on our Kids for Character Tree in the main hallway.

Each quarter students who earn two or more Positive Referrals and have no office behavioral referrals have a special celebration that is planned by our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports Team (PBIS Team). At the end of the year students earning three or more Positive Referrals will enjoy a Limo ride, lunch, and fun at Commissioner's Park with Captain Earlenbaugh.

Please join me in recognizing the following students:

Harry Taparia, Ruhiya Shaik, Azim Kazmi, Davis Bradshaw (2), Evelyn He, Naisha Ghosh, Kaylee Kovarick, Vanessa Stahl, Ellie Pustay (2), Henry Zelizer, Musaib Sharief, Jazmine Christie, Addison Harrison, Leo Arroyo (2), Pavan Kumar, Perla Ramonas, Sadie Bradshaw, Noah Felix, Marko Pritchina, Saad Alfarifi, Keith Francique, Linda Harasheh, Elijah Hoffmann, Krithik Senthikumar, Maisie Carr, Arav Kochreka, Susanna Dvorak, Samaira Bokleva, Pete Burns, Natalie Curran, Gianna Peters, Maisy Winters, Angelina Li, Camila Medina (2) , Alexandra Palmer, Coltyn Kapys, Aditi Subvamaniam, Aanya Agarwal, Jaxon Perez, Donovan Green, Nicole Menezes (2), Jonah Johnson, Nolan Alberson, Jacob Kennedy, Daysha Cortez, Emily Hovich, Liv Keagle, Anabel Fredrick, Avery Fitch, Ellianna Zito, Ethan Arnold, Hannah Li, Georgia Zito, Alicia Chen, Jenna Frederick, Jacob Reyes, Mohammed Alshahrani, Rebekah Geevevghese, Aaden Scott, Claudia Paukstis, Anushka Shripal, Elisa Elder, Michelle Pena, Aiza Iqbal, Asmi Chakraborty, Bhuvi Mangal, and Julia Rozdolska.

CC! Monthly CHAMPion Bus Behavior!

Each month the students on one of our bus routes is recognized for demonstrating the six pillars of CC! The students have shown respect and responsibility while at bus stops, riding the bus, in the hallway during dismissal, lining up in the gym, while loading the bus, and for following the safety expectations.

Congratulations to the students of BUS #3 and their staff leaders for modelling "CHAMP"ion behavior! The week of June 3rd the students will enjoy "free sit week" at lunch.

Mark Your Calendar to Order Next Year's Spring Flowers from our PTA!

They are beautiful hanging and potted flowering plants. The PTA earned over $1,100 from the sale and that was from 26 families and staff members ordering. It's a great Mother's Day gift and a way to beautify your outside landscape. Thank you Tanya Kreger and our PTA for providing this for us.

Upcoming Events at Owen


10th - Home Access opens to review and print report cards.

24th-July 1 - Owen main office will be closed.

Congratulations students, staff and families on a successful adventure in learning on board the U.S. Owen Citizenship! We have enjoyed the journey with each of you.



14th - Meet-n-Greet your Teacher from 2:30-3:00 p.m.

14th - PTA Ice Cream Social from 3:00-4:00 p.m. behind Owen



2nd - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

3rd - Teacher Institute Day - NO SCHOOL


Kids First,

Captain Earlenbaugh