Hello Sandpipers!

A welcome message from your Room Parent

A quick introduction

Hi! My name is Katie Curtis, and I'm Chloe's mom. I was given the exciting opportunity to be the Sandpipers Room Parent this year! While I'm still figuring out exactly what that means, here's a quick overview of some of the things I get to do, and what you'll be hearing about from me via short newsletters like this one:
  • Sending you information about what is happening at Athena, such as the upcoming Cultural Fest (11/23). These notes won't replace the official updates from Athena, but just in case you got too busy to read the whole newsletter, I'll mention the important ones.
  • Asking for your help for donated items, such as the current request for Old Keys for a wind chime project the class is working on.
  • Recruiting Volunteers! I want to make sure you know every opportunity available to take part in our classroom activities and community events.
  • Planning meet-ups outside of school hours, such as at Little Stacy Park or the Central Market Playground.
  • Requests for money for specific reasons, such as Staff Appreciation Week, holiday gifts, or special Birthday surprises for our Guides.

We have two current needs that are right around the corner, so please read the details below to find out how you can help sign up to manage the food tables at Cultural Fest and bring traditional Thanksgiving Snacks for our class during the short 2-day holiday week.

Current Needs


Managing the Food Tables

The heart of Cultural Fest is a pot-luck feast in the spirit of Thanksgiving where families are invited to bring a dish to share that reflects their heritage. When the dish is brought to the table, they are asked to fill out a small table card that explains the name of the dish, the country or culture it is from, and the ingredients. Our Sandpipers classroom is in charge of managing the food tables: helping make sure people know where to put their dishes and how to fill out an ingredients card, and making sure each dish has a serving utensil. Our volunteers will also clear empty dishes and check the plates, napkins, and plasticware. Athena will provide all of the supplies.

To sign up for a one-hour timeslot, please visit Athena's Signup Genius page and commit to helping manage the food tables at Cultural Fest!

thanksgiving snacks needed Holiday week

Sign Up for Monday or Tuesday (Nov 25-26)

In celebration of Thanksgiving, our Guides have planned a fun menu for snack time during the short holiday week, and need our help supplying the goodies. It's super short notice, but I would love to get your participation! Please email me to sign up to bring one item to morning drop off:

cranberry sauce - Heather
steamed green beans - Deb
mashed sweet potatoes - Katy
zucchini bread - Liz
grape juice

pumpkin bread - Sara
butter - Katie
mashed potatoes

steamed edamame in the shell - Amy
apple cider - Rachael


Please feel free to contact me for more information about volunteer opportunities, ideas you have, or anything else related to our Sandpipers classroom! Email is best, text is second, and phone is last just because I may not be able to get to it. You know how life is with a toddler!