Miss LeMarr's Weekly Update

August 30 - September 3

Notes from the Teacher 📝

*Reading - We now go to the library twice a week! Please read with your child every night, it's the best way for them to build endurance and their confidence in reading. We go on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please make sure that your child's books come back to school daily, but especially those days!

*Spelling - Every week, a spelling packet comes home on Monday, if the packet is turned in on Friday, your child will get 5 extra points on their spelling test. This packet is for you so that studying spelling is easier than writing the words 3 times. There are about 5 pages in every packet - that's 1-2 pages a night leading up to Friday. Yes, I want your child to know how to spell the words, but I also want them to learn the patterns of the words too.

*Homework - As you all saw last week, on this newsletter I may tell you what the plans are for homework, but it can change sometimes. I will always try to send you a picture of what the homework is through Remind before your child comes home. Or, let you know that we don't have homework. Thank you for being flexible!

*Snacks - Thank you Aaliyah W., Kemonte, and Kaci for bringing snacks for the class to enjoy during snack time!

*Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Important Dates 📌

*September 6 - No School - Labor Day

What We Are Learning ✏️

Reading: Clark the Shark by by Bruce Hale
  • Elements of Fantasy & Discussing Reader's Purpose

Phonics: Saxon Lessons 6-10

  • Long Vowel Rule
  • Blends
  • Spelling with C and K
  • The vc | cv Rule
  • Spelling Test 1
  • Phonics Assessment 2

Grammar: Verbs


  • Place Value with 2,3, and 4-Digit Numbers (Word, Standard, Expanded, Concrete, Pictorial Forms)
  • Comparing and Ordering 2 and 3-Digit Numbers
  • Doubles Facts

Science: Work Like a Scientist

Social Studies: Rules and Responsibilities

Homework 📚

*A lot of the time, students have an opportunity to complete, or almost complete their homework in class.

Monday: Hundreds, Tens, & Ones, Spelling Packet List 1 - due Friday

Tuesday: Roll It, Model It, Expand It

Wednesday: no homework today

Thursday: Comparing 2 Digit Numbers

Friday: No homework on Fridays 😁

*Please read with your child 15-20 minutes every night.*