Van Meter football vs The World

Driving questions

How do Van Meters finest compare to the rest of the country?

Comparing high school athletes to the pros.

What if we made a super athlete?

The best vertical was a 31 the best shuttle was 4.30 the best 20 was 2.73 and our heaviest participant was 230 pounds. if you combine all of these traits into one person they would roughly match NFL linebacker Rey Maualuga who had the same vertical roughly the same 20 yard dash and was actually slower than our fastest shuttle time however he weighs 20 pounds more than our heaviest tester.

*nfl combine does not test the power toss so it was not used

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What if we compared the super athlete to future division one players?

If you compared to future division one players you get Xavier Kelly who is currently committed to Clemson who ran a 4.47 shuttle which is slower than our fastest shuttle time and had a 30.9 in vertical our highest vertical was 31. However he beat our furthest power toss his was 36 ours was 35.5. Xavier is currently ranked as the 22nd defensive end in the country.

*20 yard dash wasn't included because those aren't made public

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What if you broke down even further?

If you compare individuals of similar positions the best comparison is one of our outside linebackers who had a 31 inch vertical 4.4 shuttle and a 34 foot power toss. He best compares to Devin Studstill, Studstill also had a 4.4 shuttle and a 34 foot power toss both weighed in at 180, Studstill had a higher vertical at 33 inches. Studstill is a 3 star safety who is currently committed to Notre Dame.
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Another comparison.

Another good comparison would be one athlete who Ran 4.6 in the shuttle had a 27.5 vertical and a 34 foot power toss and weighed 205. He compared to 3 star linebacker Pookie Maka who had a 34 foot power toss also had a 4.6 shuttle and actually had a lower vertical