Fourth Grade News

The week of May 9 - 13, 2016

Coming UpThis Week:

Reading - Students will work in partners to identify components of nonfiction text such as text features, text structures, main idea, author's purpose, etc. We will also participate in the ELA portion of PARCC testing on Thursday.

Writing- We will continue our unit on informational writing.

Social Studies- Students will begin our unit on the Western U.S.

Math- Students will continue to practice double digit multiplication, long division, and fractions. There will be a double digit multiplication and long division assessment on Friday, May 20th.

Science- Students are beginning to learn about plant structure and reproduction.

There will be no spelling words this week.

Education In Action!

A Note to Our Fourth Graders:

Dear boys and girls,

We are so very proud of your determination and focus this week during our math PARCC. The end of this coming week will begin our ELA segment. Remember, this is just a test, and an opportunity to show off what you have learned throughout the school year. The people scoring the test do not know you like we do, and do not know what wonderful athletes, creative artists, or kindhearted friends you are. They will never experience your energetic dancing to Gonoodle skits, or an exciting round of "capture the flag" with you on our tennis courts. These are experiences that have shown us the kinds of children you are, and these times we have spent with you are what we will remember most vividly...not your test scores. So, remember this: on the day of PARCC testing we hope that you do your best, but hope more so that you know that YOUR best is good enough. We will be there to cheer you on, and will continue to be proud of the sweet, funny, remarkable people that you are! Rest up this weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Ms. Connors & Mrs. Peterson

Upcoming math project

I am excited to announce that with the help of Mrs. Davis the fourth grade class will be creating stallated icosahedrons!!! To make this possible, we will need students to bring in a bag of gum drops and round toothpicks. We are hoping to make them in a few weeks, so please bring in your gum drops and toothpicks ASAP.
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