This is a great resource for articles regarding needs of the gifted, from perfectionism, anxiety, and navigating disappointment.

1st Grade - Contributions

First Graders participated a straw/cup challenge for team building, with the constraints of time, only using the straw to touch the cup, and to keep the cup on table at all times. They also got to know each other through a silent line up game. We are excited to dig in to GT LEAD this year!
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2nd Grade - Systems

Second grade scholars made a visual of their similarities and differences to get connected, and then they strategized with a partner to solve Marvin's mystery by using process of elimination.

3rd Grade - Power

Third Grade LEADers participated in a Get to Know You Challenge using a tennis ball, and they only had two rules to work around. They generated ideas on how to cut down the time it took to complete each time. They started out with 3 minutes and 23 seconds to completing the challenge in 9 sec. Teamwork and problem-solving at its best!

4th Grade - Explorations

Fourth Graders participated in a pyramid cup challenge using a special rubberband contraption (made by teacher) together as a team. Afterwards, they picked their roles in the challenge and wrote reflections about it. They chose from communicator, leader, distractor, follower, problem- solver, innovator, encourager. They wrote about how their actions affected the success of their teams.
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5th Grade - Change

Fifth Grade LEADers participated in a leadership challenge. They had to create 5 squares of equal size with the limitations of time and no talking while working with a team. They could only gesture, move parts, and point. They wrote a reflection regarding what idea got them going in the right direction, who the leader was on the team, and/or if they worked equally as leaders.