Hoover Staff Newsletter

September 21, 2014

Important Dates

Week Ahead:

9-22 - Picture Day

Chip Shoppe 2:15

9-23 - LST Grade 1

9-24 - Wellness Wed

9-26 - Buddy Activity 11:00

Early Dismissal 11:20


Looking Ahead:

9-29 - Neenah Homecoming Week

10-1 - Wellness Wed

LST K and 3

10-2 - Wedding @ Admin Meeting - Gone most of the day :(

10-3 - 2:15 PBIS Networking Meeting

10-6 - Jeans Week

Chip Shoppe orders due

1:00 - Fire Presentation GR 1-3

10-7 - 4:00 Fitness Fusion - Are you signed up???

Remember to check the Hoover Staff Calendar. Please let Mrs. Swanson and I know special events that are happening in your classroom or events that need to be added to the calendar.

IEP and parent meetings need to be placed on the office calendar. Please provide Mrs. Swanson with type of meeting, time, and location.

Conscious Discipline

Training Schedule

10-17 - Choices and Positive Intent

Chapters - SF = 6 and 14 CD = 4 and 5

11-14 - Empathy and Consequences

Chapters - SF = 13 and 15 CD = 6 and 7

12-23 - The School Family

1-9 - Composure/Perception/Safe Place &


2-14 - Assertiveness/Attention/Time Machine &

Choices/Free Will/Picture Rule Cards

3-13 - Positive Intent/Love/Celebration &

Empathy/Acceptance/We Care Center

4-2 - Consequences/Intention/Class Meetings

5-8 - TBA

SKILL #1 COMPOSURE: “Being the person you want other to become.”

Principle # 2: Healthy secure relationships require that we control our own upset. No one can make us angry without our permission

• Whomever you have placed in charge of your feelings, you have placed in control of you.

Skill #1 - Changing trigger thoughts to calming thoughts

  • Trigger thoughts blind adults to real problems of children
  • Refuting trigger thoughts requires you to talk back to the trigger thoughts and perceive the situation differently. You must see beyond the child's behavior and assign a positive intent to the child's actions.
  • Instead of saying, "She is deliberately doing this to me," you can choose to refute this by saying, "She is just trying to cope with a lot of frustration and disappointment. It is not about me."

District Assessments

What and When


**Sept 8 to Oct 3 - Grades 3-5

**Sept 15 to Oct 10 - Grades 1and 2


**Sept 15 to Oct 10 - Grades 1 and 2


**Sept 15 to Oct 3 - Grades 1-5

The complete District Assessment schedule is posted on Hoover Staff Schoology page.

Educator Effectiveness


September Responsibilities:

**Review student/program level data to identify ares of need for SLO.

**Identify targeted student/program populations and evidence sources.

**Administer appropriate baseline measure of students knowledge of program starting point and set growth targets for SLO.

October Responsibilities:

**Oct 15 Complete Professional Practice Goal Setting Plan

**Oct 15 Prepare and collaboratively discuss SLO

**Oct 15 Survey students/clients and complete growth plan

I will add the timeline to Schoology.

Log in to MLP to check for updates from HR and I've heard the teacher view may look a little different.