The culture of the Middle Ages

By :Imelda Rivera and Nick Reed

The First Universities

  • The first university was in Bologna , Italy
  • A teacher name Irnerius gather students from all over Europe to the university
  • The purpose of the university was to learn more about the law to apply it in their own jobs .
  • Only men could go to the university
  • The textbooks were very expensive , so teacher read from the text and then added his explanation.
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The Development Of Scholasticism

  • Scholasticism tried to reconcile faith and reason.
  • It was to harmonize christian teaching with the works of geeks philosophers.
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas made the attempt to reconcile Aristotle with the doctrines of Christianity.
  • Aquinas was a big part of the development of scholasticism.
  • Aquinas took it for granted that there was truths arrived at by reason and truth arrived by faith.

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Literature in the middle ages

  • Latin was the universal language in the Middle Ages
  • The most popular lecture was the troubadour poetry and the chanson de geste
  • The troubadour poetry was made by nobles and knights
  • The chanson de geste was also called the heroic epic
  • Also lecture was written in the language of everyday in a particle region . ( Spanish, English , French and German ( Also called vernacular.)

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  • It provided individuals with different ways to express their christian faith
  • Types of architectures were Romanesque and Gothic
  • The Romanesque architecture was mostly for churches
  • The Gothic architecture was a upgrade of the Romanesque architecture
  • The Gothic architecture was one of the best architecture in the middle ages

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Romanesque v. Gothic Architechture
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