Captain Up

Meet Our New API

We Released a New API

Hey there,

We’ve just released our new API - Now, Captain Up supports not only the most common actions such as like, share and tweet, it also lets you define custom actions to encourage and track from within your experience.

This great new feature will help you motivate your users to use your product the way you want them to.

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Customers Tell

"...on average a person who signed up has watched 6.8 videos! That’s quite impressive in terms of engagement!"

Yu Kai Chou

“Captain Up is a simple solution for adding an extra layer of engagement and fun to any website. The platform is flexible and easy to customize and offers a good set of features "out of the box"” ...If you are even slightly interested in gamification and what it could offer you, Captain Up is a cost effective way to get started.”

Andrzej Marczewski

“Captain Up is a fantastic gamification application we recommend to anyone looking to increase user engagement.The platform is user friendly and easy to set up. You will instantly see an increase in website activity and also who returns to your site as a regular supporter or which readers are new. Setting up competitions or a user reward program for active users of the application is a great way to get people to use the application and the website owner can easily track all participants progress via the Captain Up dashboard, may it be by earning a specific badge or reaching a designated level. Captain Up is one of those applications no website should be without. It’s just awesome.”