Edmond Doyle News 4-7-2017

Our third graders have been testing this week and everyone should be very proud of them. They are using their strategies, checking over their work, and really trying their best. Our teachers, students, and their families have been diligent for months in preparing and learning. Now is the time to see the fruits of everyone's labor! We are very proud of all of our students-please tell your child that you are proud, too! We thank our families for all the support you give your children and for how you support us, too.

If you didn't order pictures at school-you will need to order online at ruthkelly.com

Next week, 3rd and 4th graders will be testing. Please continue to have them all here on time, rested, and prepared. Thank you for how well everyone has done this week in these areas! Remember, there will be NO SCHOOL on FRIDAY, APRIL 14th!!

All of the teachers and staff appreciate the snacks that PTO is providing for us during testing. Testing is very stressful for everyone and this act of kindness means a lot to all of us!

April 25th-Music Makers practice-8:30-10:00

April 26th-Music Makers practice-8:30-10:00

April 27th-Music Makers performance-S.Arch Auditorium-6:30 p.m.

April 27th-2nd graders visit Outdoor Classroom across from Will Rogers-9:00 a.m.