Lions Of Little Rock

Book By Kristen Levine Book Report by Zoe Blue

Marlee and Judy

  1. Marlee is just a 12 year old girl in Little Rock,Arkansas. Her big sister Judy thinks she should have friends that have something in common with her and that she shouldn't be friends with Sally.
  2. When she sees things she's just in her own world. She has a hard time making friends. Like everything she's sees is a drink or different than what others see.
  3. Judy is a 16 year old girl. She starts high school Oct.15 at Central High. She doesn't have a problem with making friends at school .
  4. Her big brother David had to move to college and all of there family misses him. They have a hard time living without him.
  5. Marlee dreams about going with JT to Italy and have 2 kids Icroles , Cosine.
  6. Her teacher thinks she's an A+ student.
  7. Judy was very upset because the Mayor shut down the school and didn't allow Black people.
  8. African Americans were allowed last year at Judy's school but the mayor wants to keep them out of all high schools in Little Rock.

Mr. Williams Class


9. Liz is a African American girl and she just came to Little Rock.

10. She has black hair, brown eyes. She is shy and quiet.

11. Liz always knows the right thing to say , and Marlee can barely speak up to her in class but they become best friends.

12. Liz gets caught passing for the Whites and leaves school with out even a good bye.

13. Liz must Be willing to take On Segregation and the dangers their friendship could bring both their families together.

14. Liz is determined to help Marlee with her fear of speaking and talks her into to entering into an oral presentation.

15. Liz and Marlee find ways to become good friends even if everyone does not think it it is right because Liz is black.

Quote from Marlee

“You see, to me, people are like things you drink. Some are like a pot of coffee, no cream, no sugar. They make me so nervous I start to tremble. Others calm me down enough that I can sort through the words in my head and find something to say.”(p.5) – Marlee


This is a good story to teach kids to be nice to one another and accept each other no matter what differences they have. It also teaches you to stand up for what you believe and to find your own voice.