A black and white animal.

Which country do pandas come from?

Pandas are naturally found only in central China. There is also a place in Chengdu which is filled with cute pandas.

What do pandas eat?

Pandas eat bamboo, bamboo shoots and leaves, but they supplement this with some fruits, berries and small roots.

Did you know......

  • An adult panda weight 165-353 kg.
  • Pandas' scientific name is actually : Ailuropoda melanoleuca.
  • Pandas are referred to as a "living fossil". Pandas is believed to have existed since the Pleistocene age. After some years of debate, scientists have determined through DNA testing that the pandas are actually members of the bear family.
  • The pandas' digestive system is not very efficient so they must consume large quantities of bamboo every day in order to obtain the nutrition they need.

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  • Although pandas once roamed over a large portion of Asia, scientists currently estimate the population of the panda at only 1,600, making pandas a seriously endangered species.
Baby Pandas Learn To Walk


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