Monday Message


Update from the Principal

Dear MEA Families,

I hope everyone found some time to enjoy spring break. I directed the staff to take the week off, but many of them were busy preparing adjusted learning experiences for your students as we continue this unexpected journey. I am so grateful for the community we have and the folks who have reached out to offer help and support to others during this time.

A neighbor who lives across the street from MEA told me that more people than ever are stopping to see our school chickens on their daily walks. It is wonderful to know that we are contributing to the joys of others during this time, no matter how small.

The district has chosen a "soft" launch to distance learning because many families across our district, including those of staff members, are in varying situations with unique challenges. We are fortunate to have a program that can transition to this new format fairly easily.

If your student needs access to a computer or the internet please fill out the survey here. This link is also repeated below in its own section. We need to ensure all students have access to curriculum during Distance Learning.

Some important things to consider for secondary students:

  • Month 7 included three weeks prior to March 13. It is important that students have turned in work for both attendance and grades for the three weeks prior to school closure. If this is an issue for your student, please reach out to specific teachers for guidance. If you are not sure what can be turned in, please utilize pacing guides on coversheets.
  • Teachers will continue to collect monthly audit samples. Please follow instructions from your student's supervising teacher for this process.
  • The District is creating policy around grading for Semester 2 which should be published soon. In the mean time, it will be best for students to complete assignments if they are able to do so. This will ensure they can finish out the year strong and are prepared for next year.
  • If students are missing work for Month 6, they should work with their teachers to submit this work during Month 8.

For elementary students, we are working to continue to offer extracurriculars, including "virtual" gardening lessons with Miss Allie! More info to come.

For our Class of 2020, I want to acknowledge what you are sacrificing for the sake of our community. You are contributing to the health and safety of thousands of others. Nonetheless, your disappointment and sense of loss are valid and we are working to ensure you continue to have the support and resources you need as you complete your senior year. Below in the Monday Message are more details, including an updated senior checklist. More updates to come as well as we plan alternative end of year celebrations.

Please don't miss Mr. Zappala's first "video" message below where he addresses the importance of socio-emotional health at this time.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or needs at this time. We are here for you!

Principal Browne


Mrs. Sink has been sending out elementary art lessons and resources to those interested. To join her mailing list, please email her at

Class of 2020 Updates

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility as plans change and revise. The most up to date senior letter and checklist can be found here. Changes are marked and updates are highlighted. This link will also be posted/sent by secondary teachers. If you have some creative ideas for our senior graduation or end of year festivities, please send them to Principal Browne at

MEA Student and Family Highlights

We would like to include photos and short descriptions of positive things happening for MEA students and their families during this time. Do you have something fun or interesting to share? Maybe your family has picked up a new hobby or a student is helping elderly neighbors during this time. Please send your stories and images to share in upcoming Monday messages to We want to hear from you!

Edgenuity Classes

All courses have been adjusted by two weeks in order to not penalize the student for the two-week campus closure. In addition, large projects and large written assignments that normally rely heavily on teacher face to face support have also been removed from the courses with no penalty to the student. Unit tests will no longer be proctored and can now be accessed at home. Cumulative mid-terms and cumulative final exams will be proctored online, and directions for how to request online proctoring will be in the student’s announcement section of the Edgenuity platform. Students should reach out to their course teacher if they have any questions.

Technology Survey

As the district phases into distance learning we want to ensure that every student has a device and internet at home. The district will be distributing computers over the next few weeks to students that need one in order to continue their learning at home. Please complete the survey below by Tuesday April 7 if your student needs a device and/or internet access.

Technology Survey


Ms. Rice is working hard to ensure that MEA still has a yearbook printed for 2019-2020. Please assist us in finishing up some aspects of the book. That includes choosing high school student standouts! High school students, please login to your school Google Drive accounts and take the survey at the following link:

AP Exam Updates

AP exams will now be offered at home and the formatting is changed to be shorter. Please find more information on the Collegeboard's website linked here. Also, the Collegeboard has made many resources free and available to students during this time. Exams in May are now offered at different times so there are no conflicts for students taking multiple exams.

Information from the District regarding AP Exams

School Parent Survey

Parents, We really need your help! Every year the state of CA surveys parents, student and staff at schools. This data is used to rate school climate and is published on the new CA Schools Dashboard. Many families report looking into our school because of the data they read online about us first. That data comes from student academic performance as well as this annual state survey. If you appreciate our school and the learning environment we create for your student(s), now is the time for your opinion to count. It is extremely important that we have a high participation rate! Thank you so much in advance for your support with this. Please take the survey at the link below. The survey should only take you about 10 minutes to complete, but it’s importance can’t be stressed enough! Mt. Everest parents rock!


For more info please click here


Mr. Ron Zappala is the Head School Counselor at Mt. Everest Academy. You can reach him with any counseling questions at

Video Message from Mr. Zappala

Choosing Classes for 2020-21

During Spring, students in grades 5-11 have the opportunity to plan their classes for the next school year. If you have yet to send in your student's articulation sheet, please email course choices to Mr. Zappala at

Mr. Zappala will continue to hold articulation/planning meetings with students in grades 8-11 over the phone or via video conference.

Articulation Sheets:

Master Course List 2020-21

Other Announcements

Covid19 Related Resources

San Diego Unified School District

San Diego Unified Food Services—FREE
The Food Service Dept. will be conducting a drive-thru/walk-up distribution of packaged prepared food. Children will need to be present to receive meals, and each child can take one lunch and one breakfast for the next day. There will be no congregate feeding. All food will be consumed off site. Meal distribution for all locations is Monday-Friday, 11am to 1pm:

  • Clark Middle - 4388 Thorn St, San Diego, CA 92105
  • Cherokee Point Elementary - 3735 38th St, San Diego, CA 92105
  • Sherman Elementary - 301 22nd St, San Diego, CA 92102
  • Zamorano Elementary - 2655 Casey St, San Diego, CA 92139
  • Kearny High - 1954 Komet Way, San Diego, CA 92111
  • O'Farrell Charter - 6130 Skyline Dr, San Diego, CA 92114
  • Walker Elementary - 9225 Hillery Dr., San Diego, CA 92126
  • Farb Middle - 4880 La Cuenta Dr, San Diego, CA 92124

San Diego Area Food Resources
Dial 211-Food Pantry Resources—these programs seek to meet the basic nutritional needs of the community by providing access to food products.—award-winning site/app to help food insecure families find free food assistance programs quickly

Government Resources

WiFi Resources
Spectrum is offering 60 days free wifi or broadband to any family with a K-12 student who does not already have internet access at home. Call starting March 16 (877-906-9121); there is no income requirement. If they do not service your area, they recommend Googling “FCC remote education emergency”, and it should come up with a list of other companies offering this plan.


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