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Annotated List of Resources

By Helen Ruff, Eileen Seligman, and Jessica Snyder

Davidson, R. (2014). Using infographics in the science classroom: three investigations in which students present their results in infographics. The Science Teacher, 34-39.

A concise review of why and how to use student created infographics in the science classroom. However, these principles can be applied across the content areas.

Davis, M., & Quinn, D. (2013). Visualizing text: The new literacy of infographics. Reading Today, 31(3), 16-18. Retrieved from EBSCO Host database.

The article focuses on information graphics or infographics. Highlights include the elements of infographics, its use in deepening comprehension, its role in promoting student engagement. Information on the broader use of infographics in school is also presented.

Ferlazzo, L. (2010, January 4). The Best Sources for Interactive Infographics. Retrieved March 13, 2014, from

An excellent compilation of links to intriguing infographics that be used in the classroom. While the focus of this blog is teaching English Language Learners, the content can be applied to multiple subject areas and student groups.

Jaeger, P. (2012). Is a picture worth $2,500? School Library Journal, 58(8), 17. Retrieved from EBSCO Host database.

The article discusses an aspect of the U.S. state educational guidelines Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that involves the presentation of research, noting the importance of infographics. It is said that this is part of the CCSS objective to prepare College and Career Ready (CCR) students, while print literacy and writing skills are still crucial.

Minoff, A., Fogel, B., & Intagliata, C. (Producers). (2013, October 18). Show, not tell: the rise of the infographic. Podcast retrieved from

A Science Friday discussion on the long history of infographics, the neurological draw to infographics and how to be a discerning consumer of infographics.

Rogers, S. (2014, March 7). Infographics for children: what they can learn from data visualization. Retrieved March 13, 2014, from

This article looks at introducing the skill of reading infographics and interpreting data with young children.

Schrock, K. (n.d.). Infographics. Retrieved March 8, 2014, from Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything website:

An expert viewpoint with great tips, resources, and strategies for every educator's toolbox. Kathy Schrock provides a wealth of resource on infographics in this "guide to everything".

Troutner, J. (2010). Infographics defined. Teacher Librarian, 38(2), 44-47. Retrieved from EBSCO Host database.

The article presents advice for teacher-librarians who want to teach their students about the use and interpretation of infographics on web sites. It explores various web sites about infographics and web sites that use infographics.

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