5 Themes of Austin

By Rylee Carfer


This photo shows the relative location of Austin which is north of San Antonio, West of Houston, and south of Waco. The exact location is 30.25 degrees north, and 97.75 degrees west.


Austin has a very luscious landscape with many hills topped with spanish oaks and cedar trees. The lake in the heart of Austin connects the city together in the heat of summer and is beautifully cold in the chilled winters.


Human Region- Austin is perceived as a very diverse city. The main religion is Christianity, but there is a range of many different religions that people practice such as Atheism, Muslim, Scientology, and more. The main language is English and the population consists of 842,952 people this year. Everyone is accepted here, and you'll definitely find your place!


The movement to Austin is primarily for the culture. Austin serves as the live music capitol of the world as well as the state capitol. With some of the most famous annual music festivals and bat shows, Austin is the melting pot of Texas.

human environment interaction

The human environment interaction in Austin varies. One example is the use and bridges around Town Lake near downtown. The lakes in the area are used by many for water sources, recreation, and more. Another example is the Mansfield Dam on Lake Travis. Austin is a very outdoorsy city with attractions like Zilker park and Barton Springs enjoyed on a daily basis. Barton Springs is the largest natural pool in the US located in an urban area, and the Botanical Gardens is beautiful garden visuals for 30 acres. Preserving rather than modifying popular natural spots is what makes Austin Eco-Friendly.


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