Three month check-up

How is everything going?

We launched ePipeline on January 25th, 2016 and in the past three months we've been receiving some positive feedback on the site! We want to hear from you on what's working, what's not and what just doesn't make sense. Click on the link below to fill out a brief survey and enter your questions, comments and concerns to our team! Feel free to leave it anonymous, or put your name if you would like a response back.


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Accessing the Site

Here is the link: https://portal.mnlimited.com/SitePages/Home.aspx

Connected to a network?

If you are connected to the network you will automatically be logged-in.

Logging In Off the Network?

A log-in screen will pop up and you will log-in using the following information. Your username will be your first initial, your last name and @mnlimited.com. Note that this is slightly different than your regular email address! Your password will be the same as your email/VPN password. An example is shown below.

Ex. Abby Kemp

Username: akemp@mnlimited.com (this is not an active email address)

Password: mnlimited1

If you have questions about your password, please contact helpdesk@mnlimited.com.

Mobile-view not working properly?

We have received feedback that the site is hard to access on your iPhones and iPads. We are working to correct this and make it a more user-friendly mobile experience! Details on this coming soon!
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Brand Update

Did you know that you have access to our logos and brand guidebook on ePipeline?

Want to know all the updates on the brand switch over?

Check out The MVerge Monocle which focuses on all things brand related! You can find updates and interesting tidbits on some of the following:

Logo Updates on our Excavators!

Letterhead Template!

Brand Standards Guidebook!

Business Card Updates!

And more!

Logos can be accessed by visiting the Resources page, clicking on Documents - by Category in the left hand column and selecting Brand Management. Click HERE to view!

COMING SOON! Hard Hats & Safety Vests! Jobsite Signage! MN Limited Online Store!

Have you checked out the EHS Page?

Our Safety staff has done a great job of including lots of informative, necessary and interesting information on their EHS site! See below for some of the stuff that you can find on there!

Workday Information

Looking for the Active Daily Pool? How about the weekly SOP or Lessons Learned? This is the spot where you can find all of the necessary information that you need to review for the day with your crew!

Training Calendar

Wondering when a training is coming up and where it is located? Look no further than the Training Calendar that our wonderful staff keep up-to-date and organized! They are available to answer your questions or inquiries about upcoming classes now!

Safety Announcements

Want to know what's coming up in the Safety department? Check out the Safety Announcements located on the EHS home page for important safety messages!

Check out the EHS page today and see these features and more available to MN Limited employees!

Picture of the Week

Our home page includes a Picture of the Week column that allows us to post photos taken by our employees that depict work related events. Click HERE to submit your photos!
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Contact Abby Kemp with questions or concerns!