The Abu Dhabi Empire Tower

A unique structure made by Aedas

One Of The Best Designs

This big and unique structure has one of the best designs in the world. The Structure started to be constructed in 2008 and finished in 2010.

The Aedas team and South African Expatriates present to you The Abu Dhabi Empire State Tower. Now owned by Jane Strachan and her husband Andrew Bromberg.

What Are You Waiting For

Take your pictures now because there is nothing better or unique than this. Made in 2010 and finished in 2013 the building wins a title of the most unique design of 2013. Who could think of this amazing design.

Once In A Life Time Moment

There is no structure so unique and so flexible. Abu Dhabi one of the most windiest places on Earth, still standing so flexible and unique the Abu Dhabi Empire Tower can stand the wind. Imagine standing on the top of the srtucture.

Experience A Unique Structure

Over 249 metres tall having 57 floors comes The Abu Dhabi Empire Tower. Weight is put on top of this mighty structure to keep it balanced.

How was it made?

This Structures frame is made by structural steel gridels, the outer stuctures external is lime stone panels. The bottom part of the building is supported by iron and metal the most. Workers chose that material because they knew it was suitable for the building and its position.