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Mrs. Jefferson, ELA & SS

Dutch Fork Elementary School: Academy of Environmental Sciences

Title I

March 19, 2015

Assessment Info.

* The third quarter ends on Monday, March 23, 2015.

* The Great Depression test is on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

*The next book review is due by April 10th. The due date has been adjusted because some students would like to write a review for their book club book.

Spring Picture $ is due on April 7th. If you're not planning to purchase them, please return tomorrow.

Great Depression Unit of Study: Call to Action

5th Graders Taking Action

Below you will find information about 5th grade's social action project. Your children have been inspired to take action on their learning from the Great Depression and the ways Americans were impacted by a failing economy. We have already begun collecting items, but hope to have many more in the upcoming weeks. Please ask your 5th grader about what this project means to us and to provide support. Thank you!

Our Official Letter to Local Businesses

Hello Business Friends,

Dutch Fork Academy of Environmental Sciences 5th graders are seeking your assistance. At our school, we believe that our learning should lead to social action. Currently, we are in the midst of our Great Depression Unit of Study. Our historians are learning the impacts of a weak economy on American citizens of the past and noticing how economic status impacts an individual's condition of life in present day society. The students would like to take social action on their learning by putting together bag lunches for a food drive/pantry in need. Our students will be searching for an organization that would benefit from our services.

Now, this is where you become an essential part of our plan. We would be extremely grateful if you could provide any of the following nonperishable/canned/pre-packaged items in bulk:

· granola bars

· pop tars

· peanut butter or cheese crackers

· trail mix

· fruit/pudding cups

· snack cakes

· individual sized bags of chips

· cans of soup w/pop top

· vienna sausages w/pop top

· ready to eat tuna packets

· spam

· bottled water/juice boxes

· paper bags

· utensils

· individual packaged wet wipes

We would also be happy to accept funds of any amount in order to assist us in purchasing these items.

Any or all of the items that you can donate to our cause would not only serve us, but also our immediate and neighboring community. If you are able to donate to 5th graders of Dutch Fork Elementary we will be able to provide a taxable write off receipt for the amount of your donations.

Attached, you will find a letter written by a Dutch Fork Elementary 5th grader explaining the importance of a community rallying together to end hunger and homelessness. We hope this letter urges you to take action in the same ways it has motivated us to see the struggles of fellow community members from a new perspective.

We appreciate your consideration and any support that can be provided. Your donation demonstrates what is possible for our young activists. In the future, should you need support with any projects, services, or fundraising please do not hesitate to contact us at Dutch Fork Elementary.


Dutch Fork Elementary 5th Grade Social Activists

Experience a Book Club Discussion

Out of the Dust Book Club

Great Depression Book Clubs

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Field Trip to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens - Friday, 3/27/15

  • Please email me if you would like to provide a snack for the kids to eat on the ride back.
  • Please make sure your child wears his or her 5th grade DFES t-shirt, a light jacket, comfortable pants or jeans, and sneakers. If they do not have a 5th grade shirt, they should wear their Chorus t-shirt or a navy blue t-shirt. Other reminders about the trip will be in next week's newsletter.