Mike Lupica

By: Alair Lewis

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Lupica's Life

- Michael Lupica born May 11, 1952

- From Oneida New York, raised Nashua, New Hampshire

- Graduated from Boston College

- Sports and Entertainment Author

- Author of books like Million-Dollar Throw and Miracle on 49th Street

- Won 2003 Jim Murray Award, named New York Sports Columnist of the Year(2011)

- 1997 became youngest columnist ever(New York Daily News)

- Started own column in 1987 "The Sporting Life"

- Hosted "The Mike Lupica Show" on ESPN2

Reasoning for Choosing


- Mike Lupica is one of the best Sports/Entertainment Authors of all time. He has a surplus of books to fit different ages from children's to adult and different sport topics to go with them. Lupica also has background experience with working with and being a sport news caster. Bieng up close and personal with sports most of his carrer it makes his books even more intrestig using his knowledge of non-fiction transforming it into his fiction works. His books keep me on the edge of my seat wanting to read what happens next. Combined with my favorite subject basketball, it makes it all more interesting for me. I expect books of his that I haven't read to be as interesting and be rated 4 stars like the rest.