Plate Tectonic Project

Andrea Milstead

Continental Drift


1. - Continental Drift Presentation

2. - Continental Drift Worksheet

3. My comments on how to disprove that Mesosaurus fossils are evidence on continental drift

Andrea Milstead-Scientists don’t know for sure that Mesosaurus is a freshwater animal. Some scientists think that maybe it could’ve swam across the salt-water ocean. There are no links that prove why it’s a freshwater animal. There is no evidence to tell me there’s a reason it could only swim in freshwater, so I’m not going to just assume that it was a freshwater animal.

My comments on how to disprove that glaciers in warm-weather climates prove continental drift.

Andrea Milstead- warm climates could support glaciers like during global warming proof


I think the continental drift theory could be true, but probably isn't. I'm not sure whether Mesosaursus actually is a freshwater animal. When we were disproving this theory based on the evidence, no link or site said how they knew it was a freshwater animal. Since scientists said it was true, it may be since they're smarter than me, but I'll never know. Plant fossils could've been carried as plants by birds over seas, but we don't know that for sure, so we don't know if that can actually be evidence. There's also proof that glaciers used to be able to be formed in warm-weather climates, so I don't know if that can actually be true. I'm not truly agreeing or disagreeing with this theory.

Seafloor Spreading


1. Seafloor Spreading Presentation

2. Seafloor Spreading Worksheet

3. Voicethread in the picture below in Evidence #3


I don't particularly believe in seafloor spreading. How do scientists know that there's a subduction zone or magma in the upper mantle? They haven't even been down there! I also don't understand how the poles could be reversed. Do they even have a reason why they think that? I don't think that is affecting seafloor spreading in any way. I believe this is the least valid theory of these three.

Plate Tectonics


1. Video Worksheet

2. Plate Tectonics Powerpoint

3. Plate Boundary Characteristics

4. In the picture to the right --> (Plate Boundary Activity with cookies)


I somewhat agree with the plate tectonic theory. Out of all of these three theories, I believe plate tectonics the most. I think that convection currents are very likely because in class where the candle was lit and the pressure pushed the heat, the heat rose and blew of the lid. With more heat, the plates should be moving, but very slowly. We don't know for sure this is happening because we've never seen it, but it makes the most sense and doesn't have anything against it. I believe this theory the most out of the three. When we have earthquakes, the earth can't just be moving with nothing pushing it. I think this theory is pretty valid.

Andrea Milstead

3/4 A Adv.