University of South Alabama

College Entrance Requirements

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Academic Core Courses

  • 4 Years of English
  • 3 Years of Social Studies
  • 3 Years of Math(Must be Algebra I, Algebra II, or even higher)
  • 3 Years of Science(Two of the sciences must include labs)
  • 3 Years of Advanced Electives

Admission to Apply

  • Submit your application for admission online or mail it in to the admissions office.
  • Online Application: $35
  • Hard Copy Application: $45
  • Have your high school transcript mailed directly to the USA Office of Admissions from your high school. Submit an official copy of your college transcript if applicable.
  • Have your test scores sent directly to the USA Office of Admissions from or The writing portion of the ACT is not required, and SAT scores are calculated using the critical reading and math sections of the exam
  • ACT Score= 19
  • SAT=900
  • GPA=2.5