Our New Platform is Launching 8/15!


Dear 1st Impressions Team,


Our platform is changing; all invites will go through Hobnob; there will be a lot to explore and learn but CHANGE IS GOOD!

While our Home Office has planned for every circumstance their minds could think of, realistically there may be a few bugs or outlying issues that surface after our migration to the new platform Monday Night.

The HO is staffed to address what may come up and have the following resources available:


Stellaverse Help & Support Page:


By the end of this week over 50+ documents will be updated to give you all the answers at your fingertips. You’ll also find new easy training videos to not only walk through the new technology but also coach to how to maximize new features for your business!

  • Don’t see what you’re looking for? Post a discussion question in Stellaverse Discussions. The Delight Center is staffed up to answer you and your team!

Your Delight Center


All informed by your Help & Support tools but something’s not working as it should? Contact the Delight Center to solve individual cases.

monday, august 14: last day of your current lounge

  • Check Out Saved Orders – All saved orders that are not placed before 8/14 will be cleared from site history. Get those orders in before 8/14!
  • Redeem Mystery Show Rewards – All current unused Hostess Rewards will migrate seamlessly onto the new site with the exception of Hostess Rewards tied to a show with a fake email address (i.e. a Mystery Show). Help Mystery Hostesses redeem their rewards before 8/14!
  • Export Trunk Show Guest Lists – Open Trunk Shows will be transferred to our new site, however, all guest lists and RSVP details from shows using the current lounge invitation system will not be available on the new site. The link to shop the show will still work – if a guest tries to click the link to a lounge invitation after 8/14, it will not direct them to the invitation, but rather straight to the site to shop the show.
    • Export guest lists from previous and open shows before 8/14 so you can follow-up with guests. Booking a new show? Use Hobnob!
  • Export your Order History – Export your current Order History before 8/14 so you can easily sort & filter after 8/14. On the new site, orders placed before 8/14 will be viewable in a separate tab of your History in Lounge, but the filter & sort functionality won’t be available quite yet. Orders placed before 8/14 will also be unavailable in Dottie. Orders placed on the new site will sort just fine and we’ll get the same functionality for older orders up as fast as we can!
  • Return your Returns – Orders placed prior to 8/14 will not be eligible for return processing in the new lounge, you will need assistance from the Delight Center. Get returns in now and save yourself a call!
  • Redeem Gift Cards - Gift Cards will not be redeemable when the new site launches. Help customers redeem before 8/14. After 8/14, they’ll need to call the Delight Center to redeem. Don’t stress – Gift Card functionality will be back before the holidays!


We've got just about 3 weeks left to go to earn Style Your Summer! And we have 136 Teamwide Trunk Shows this month! Let's see if we can up that number! What you do NOW will help your business in September and the entire fall!

Here are some ideas:

Offer personal shopping appointments to your local customers.

Hold your own trunk show.

Contact local vendors and invite them to partner with you for a pop up.

Check what fairs/farmers markets are in your area and ask if you can set up shop.

Offer online style sessions with your friends across the country.

Reach out 1:1 to help your friends/family and/or their husbands with any gift giving ideas.


Congrats to this hot mama who has already sold $4k and its only 8/11. What the what?! I'm very far off from that but am still working my 10-4 to reach out to a min. of 10 new contacts a day. Are you with me?!

Me with our VP of Marketing Lauren Uppington!