Positive skills

Hugh Duxbury


Showing up to work on time or finishing a your work at the proper time.

If you show up late people will think you wont take your job serious.


Being able to handle people in difficult situations and keep there cool.

This will show employers that you can handle stressful situations but you are in control.

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Someone who has the knowledge and experience in what they are doing.

Professionalism is something someone wants to see when they are buying something from you or hiring you.


Keeping an open mind hopeful for the future and thinking of stuff in different ways.

being optimistic shows that you could make something good out of something bad this shows employers that you want to be successful.

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Getting along well with outhers

Being able to work well with other people and overcome any problems that arise in the group.

Team work is needed every where not just in the work place you will need to work well with others everywhere.