You have officially SOARED!

Getting off on the Right Foot


  • Kit unwrap the box party
  • Email Blast to Family & Friends
  • Get to know the O2 Lounge and New Designer Training
  • Designer Checklist
  • Placing 1st Designer Order in Back Office: What you "really" need. Ex. Mom charms for last minute Mothers Day Orders & Jewelry Bars
  • Display Items Needed (especially for your Launch Jewelry Bar)
  • Social Media 101....adhering to P&P's
  • Review Hot Topics and Training in back office, ie. how to place a Jewelry Bar Order

*What options to I have on Stocking (Make&Take JB) vs. Orders (JB Party Tab):

See Mayda Mifflin's Video at:

Business 101

Suggested items to have prior to Launch Jewelry Bar

  • Order Business Cards:
  • Mobile Payment Device:
  • Create Separate Banking Account
  • Modify Voice-mail Message
  • Look into e-signature at
  • Social Media: facebook, twitter, instagram & pinterest (Post Event/Blast)
  • Table Cloth:
  • Charm Displays, Flat Trays and Flat Necks:
  • Back Office Business Supply Order for: Extra TOM's, Order Sheets & Hostess Packs
  • Build your Team!

    Share your Business Opportunity with everyone you meet. Building your 'down line' will help you with your success!

    Don't we want everyone to know how awesome Origami Owl is??

    Get in on the AMAZING new O2 incentives for building your team in addition to the monthly bonuses for rocking your Origami Owl business through your team! Build strong Designers and what them SOAR!

    Enjoy our FREE Media Marketing Material

    See your back office for an insane amount of FREE Images and Awesome Social Media Images.

    *See Marketing Resources Tab.

    Weekly Webinar to keep you in the Loop!

    If you’re a Designer who has joined O2 in the past month, you won’t want to miss our New Designer Webinar created to welcome you to the team and empower you to get your new business off to a great start!

    Originally scheduled to begin on April 11, this webinar will now begin on Thursday, April 17.

    Save the date and watch your Back Office for this exclusive welcome from The Nest.

    Team Lovely Lockets & Team Charmed Lockets

    Watch for your invite to these groups to stay connected with team members!