By: Cooper Anibal


  • Brunelleschi was born in Florence, Italy in 1377.
  • He spent several years in Rome and also in Florence Italy, learning and creating new architectural and art inventions.
  • Brunelleschi was first trained as a goldsmith, later he was taught the laws of geometry and technical innovation.
  • Brunelleschi created art and architecture, some famous examples are the dome for the Florence cathedral and many amazing perspective paintings.
  • The Medici family were Brunelleschi's patrons.

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Florence Cathedral Exterior Dome

  • The Dome was Completed in 1436, after 16 years of construction.
  • The Dome is located in Santa Maria Del Fiore, Florence Italy.
  • Brunelleschi won the competition for creating the dome and was given a lot of money to make it. Everyone doubted that it would be able to stand alone and not crumble in on itself, but it did. The dome took 16 years to complete and is still there today.
  • I find this piece so interesting because it is such a huge creation, especially for way back then. Also I thought it was cool that even though everyone doubted Brunelleschi's design, it still worked and is there even today.
  • Brunelleschi and his cathedral dome exemplifies skepticism most of all because everyone was doubting the fact that his design would be able to make the dome with out it collapsing in on itself.

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