By: Vaneeza Farooqi

My Favorite Hobbies

One of my favorite hobbies is playing basketball. I like to have fun with my friends at recess. I love to play with my cat. I also like to go to the park with my cousins in summer.

My Favorite Places To Visit

I love to go to Canada's Wonderland every summer and ride the roller coasters. I also love to go to Ontario Place because I love the water park. I love to go to Scarborough and visit my old friends.


Favorite Sport: Basketball

  • Favorite Food: I love pizza and fries.
  • Favorite Color: Black and Purple
  • Favorite Movie: Aladdin and Madagascar 1&2
  • Favorite Singer: Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber
  • Favorite Author: Robert Munsch
  • Favorite Subject: Art
  • Favorite Animal: Tiger and Lion
  • Favorite Place: New York

Information about me!

I was born on April 25, 2002. I was born in Rochester New York. After that i moved to St.St. Catherines and then Toronto. My favorite place I ever lived in was Scarborough because it was fun and exciting.

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