Teal Team Times

Vol 4

General Updates

This week is Generation Texas, please have your child wear their favorite college shirts and or colors to support higher education.

Also, TUESDAY is a BYOD day in Mrs. Crouse's Room!!!!


This week in math we learned about multiplication and division. We started out by multiplying one and then two digit numbers. To keep the week balanced, we also did some dividing. We started by using base 10 blocks to investigate division. Here is a great link to an online tool for using them at home: http://goo.gl/XP0Cfj After that we used partial quotients. See the second half of this lesson if your child would like a bit of a review http://goo.gl/59wZOI Finally we used compatible numbers to estimate: http://goo.gl/fu22NU We ended the week with classic long division.

I know that these methods may seem strange in comparison to regular long division. I view these as tools for you child to have in their math toolbox. After we have covered these tools and you child shows their understanding, they have the freedom to choose whichever method works best for them.

Next week we will finish up this section with a review and a test on WEDNESDAY.

Then we will begin multiplication with decimals!

One note about multiplication, please work on memorizing multiplication tables with your child. It will make math much less time consuming if they memorize up to 12x12.


What's the matter.. err what IS matter I mean.. This week in science we learned all about matter through all manner (hard not to say matter here too heh) of lab and discussion. It was a great week and we will continue to delve deeper into matter this week as we discuss mixtures and solutions!

Language Arts

Short and sweet this week. We are continuing to work on narrative structure, focusing on the writing side this week. We will be adding ideas to our writing notebooks and beginning some narratives from our own experiences. New vocab went home Monday...quiz will be the same format for the next several (many) weeks. Vocab quizzes will be Mondays. Reading log and responses continue to be due on Mondays.

Social Studies

We will finish the Native American culture section Monday and Tuesday. We will start looking at the early colonization of America in the middle of the week. We will look at the motives of the early explorers and settlers, and move into describing the geography and culture of the original 13 colonies.