I Am Me

By Philip Solis

I Am Active

I do many thing. I go outside everyday and run around. I love to ply sports with my friends, such as soccer, football, and basketball, but I really enjoy to play football. it is really fun.

My Favorite Football Team

My favorite football team is the Ravens. They won the Super Bowl last year. I also like their colors. The Ravens has some of my favorite players on the team.

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My Favorite Athlete

My favorite athlete is Ray Rice on the Ravens. His number is 27. He is a running back. He is amazing

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My Favorite Hobbie

My favorite thing to do is play soccer with friends outside of school. I love playing sports. I also love playing football to, but we don't play a lot anymore.

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My Favorite Brand

My favorite brand is NIKE. I like NIKE . NIKE my really cool and good shoes for sports and many other things. I like their jackets. I have one.

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