2014 Medical motivational Seminar

Help us help you

Humanistic Theory

In the medical field your patients rely on you! Sometimes you may have to wake up at 2 am to help that mother in labor give birth to her little baby girl. You striving to do better and personally grow your experience with tight crunch times and a lack of sleep. Our clients cant afford to have our Nurses and Doctors lazy and not focused. Join us on Friday nights at the Hospitals Lobby to learn how to strive for your personal growth and the fulfillment of helping patients in need. See how the Humanistic Theory helps you!

Psychological Needs

Being in the Medical field you are put to the test to help out your patient. You have to make life changing decision in a matter of seconds. The amount of pressure and nerves that you have to overcome can make or break you. Let Psychological needs help you make sure all of your senses are optimal not deprived.

Performance and Learning Goals

Do you strive for reactions of your achievements? Or do you look for learning for learning sake? Maybe Performance and learning goals is what makes you want to do better!

Extrinsic and Instrinsic Rewards

Being able to see results in a patient can be a very motivational external reward. Also being able to help patients and see that smile on their face knowing that they are in good hands can be very self satisfying. Take life's into your hands and be motivated to change lives with Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards.
Being in the medical field it is important to have a good attitude at all times. The positive attitude you bring to your patients will rub off on them. All smiles all the time is what our patients need to focus on them getting better.