The book thief

By: Markus


The story is a bout a little Nazi German girl known as Lizel, but most people call her the book theif. The book thief was dropped off at another Germans family house because her mother could n longer take care of her. She absouluty loved to read. Her mother resented her and would hit her with wooden spoons and her father couldn't get enough of her. Every now then she woud lean to read, steal a book, read a book, steal a boo. Lizel went to school like any other but was teased and made fun of because she couldn't read. Except by one boy who was in love with, the book thief.


Lizel- A German girl very clever and sweet.

Mother- lizels mother who teats her very bad and tries to get what she wants .

Dad- loves Lizel and teaches her to read and is kind and sweet.

Rudy- In love with Lizel.


This book doesn't talk about the war very much but it talks about Lizel and how she gets treated and her life. Lizel cant read and nobody seems to understand her to its about how people treat her differently.


The theme of this book is treat others the way you would wanted to be treated because a scene in the book shows how Lizel wanted to read a story in a book she was reading and everyone made fun of her because she couldn't. Later that day she ended up beating someone up because they wouldn't stop making fun of her.
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