Rhonda Hull

February 19, 2016

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A Personal Note from Rhonda

Dear Ones,

Please forgive that this newsletter has arrived to you a bit late. I just returned from a month away from my beloved spot on a bluff in the Northwest. I spent about five weeks with my sister as she prepared for, underwent, and recovered from open heart surgery. It was quite a process for her… and still is… to discover exactly how her heart was opened and healed, and now to apply any lessons learned.

It was quite an opportunity for me, as well, to refine what seems to be a part of my calling - to hold space for others. The stretch was to also hold space for myself as I sifted through as consciously as I cold my perceived presumed role in my family growing up. What was my now my choice and what was habit.

Back then I thought my worth was determined by making other people happy, often at my own expense. Now, knowing my worth ‘just is’ regardless of whether live up to the unrealistic expectations of others remains a tricky balance for me, and I am sure I am not alone. It is difficult for many to know that we matter simply because we breathe and that it is not our job to make anyone else happy. That is their choice, their work to do.

Still, from years of believing my survival depended on the old untrue beliefs, it still seems easier for me to unconsciously put the needs of others before my own. And so, imperfectly perfect, I did my best, adjusted boundaries as needed, forgave myself and others as necessary, and now remain willing to harvest the lessons from putting my professional life on hold for a month to serve… not fix… merely be ‘love’ and ‘patience’ and hold the space for healing as best I could in any given moment.

As I reintegrate to my life here at home, process the many blessings from my adventure, and await my next calling to find me, I invite you to read these wonderful guidelines by Heather Plett that served to keep me course-correcting along the way, reminding me to love myself as much as I love others.

How to Hold Space for Yourself - Heather Plett

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Rhonda Hull, as founder of the The Center of Happiness, an online community for women and those who love them, is like a mother-mentor-friend-spiritual activist-sounding board and soul-sister who ‘gets it.’ She is that relentlessly accepting someone we wish we could turn to turn to when we feel over-whelmed, our doubts kick in and life seems to tough to handle alone.

As a speaker, author, story-teller, mentor, artist and matriarch who knows first hand that life is too short to not dare to live fully present, Rhonda shares from the heart of her experience and has a remarkable ability to connect authentically with both individuals and large groups, tailoring her message for every audience. As would a trustworthy friend, Rhonda nudges us to embrace the unique wisdom, courage and magnificence within each of us and she stands certain that women activating self-love is the missing piece (peace).

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