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The Hawaiian kingdom gets king-dumped


On January 17, 1893, an overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom had taken place by the United States government. While the Hawaiians were ignorant to the fact that the United States, which Minister John L. Stevens, President McKinley, and President Cleveland were a part of, had been slowly taking over their land

Historical Significance

on January 17, 1893, an overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom had taken place. These three men were very significant figures at this time, they had played a big role in our society, for good or for bad. This is a long term significance because even though this had happened a very long time ago, it had taken place and is part of our history and why we are the state that we are today which is Hawaii. it is important in history b3ecause without this ecent, there would be no state here in hawaii, and many of us probably would not even be here, there would be no schools, other races coming here, and no beautiful beaches for many of us.

is Hawaii legally and lawfully a state?

Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state. Johm Stevens had been a part of an illegal consiracy towards theoverthrow and did not have permission. Even President Cleveland did not allow it, but it did happen anyway. thus showing that ity is not legally and lawfully a state.

supplemental information

at this time. the hawaiians had to take down the flag and the americans had teared up the flag to show that they have the land now.
president of hawaii during the overthrow.