Foods With Good Nutrition!

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The 4 Main Parts of Health, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Mental.

Emotional Health- When you recognize your own feelings.

Physical Health- Deals with the body

Social Health- Interacting with other people

Mental Health- Cope with life demands

Wellness- Good Health, Balancing, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Social.

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How does your diet effect your body in a good and bad way?

Pro- Makes you healthier, makes you feel good,

Cons- some make you unhealthier

How can healthy living be achieved on a budget?

You can go with organic foods or use coupons and flyers. You would be surprised on how much healthy food you can buy with say $20.

A healthy recipe you could use:

Gluten free english muffins




Pouched Eggs

American Cheese

Sate the mushrooms, onions and spinach with organic olive oil.

Place that on the english muffin with the pouched egg on top and the cheese.

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