A Journey Through the Holocaust

My Family is Safe

When people are being taken to these camps they have many thoughts going through their minds. Where is my family? Why are they doing this? Where are they taking us? One of the only things that keep people sane are their family. Knowing that your loved ones are safe can make you feel safe. When you don't know your own fate you can find joy in the safety of your friends and family.

It's too hard

When the Jews arrived at the camps they were not aware of the crematories until other prisoners told them. Nazis made them work for life and if the Jews refused, they were to be killed. People could be in the camps for years and their life begins to become nothing. They forget their families, friends, and their homes. Other human beings in the camps became nothing but a threat to them. Food became the only thing they thought of.

Themes throughtout Night

Theme was especially key in Night. We saw Elie struggle to keep himself and his father alive. He loved his father too much to let him die. Love is what kept him alive for a long time, in the camp. He knew his father would die with out him so it was important to keep that love strong. Determination kept him going. Elie was determined to live. He was determined for his father to live. This determination and love are key themes in the story that are why he is alive today.

The End?

Elie Wiesel's belief for his religion can to an end. After his father had died he no longer believed in the Jewish religion. Elie says that God is dead. The camps are responsible for these thing coming to and end. The end of things are a major theme in the book. Hitler wanted to end the Jews. He wanted all of these people he didn't like to come to an end. Did Hitler accomplish what he intended to accomplish?

What did this story reveal about us?

After reading this book, you can't help but to sit in silence. So many thoughts about what actually happened. It sickens me to think that this even did happen. It was not that long ago that these terrible things occurred. We think that we would never lose hope in what we believe in, if this happened today. But we will never understand unless we go through what they had to go through. I understand that we are not as strong willed as we think we might be. These types of torment can easily change a person into nothing.