Stop Bullying Now!

BY: Deven, Shunta, Rohan, Mohammed


  • Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online and ¼ have had it happen more than once

  • Only 1/10 people inform their parents about being bullied

  • 90% of people see (by stand) frequent bullying online and don't do anything about it

  • Girls are twice as more likely to be bullied ( and bully than compared to guys

  • Never say anything online you wouldn't want your parents to see or know about

  • 9/10 school students have had their feelings hurt online!

  • 68% of likely to commit suicide if bullied

  • 2/9 people are lying starts with you don't be a bully

  • DON’T trust everyone you talk to online

  • 50% of cyber bullies report doing it for fun. Only 20% report doing it to ‘teach someone a lesson’. 1/3 of students

  • BLOCK a person if they are bullying you

  • To stop bullying, everyone must be involved in stopping it

  • If you see someone getting bullied then tell them to STOP

  • Go to an adult immediately after being bullied

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Tips To End Bullying

1.If somebody is harassing you on a social media such as Facebook or Twitter block them or unfollow them.

2.If somebody is harassing you online, offline or both then you could tell a parent or a trusted adult.

3.If somebody has seen bullying or have seen some type of harassment they should tell a trusted adult or the police about what happened