Paul Walker

A Biography by:Andrew F


Paul started out doing little T.V. shows. He did a lot of movies and T.V.r shows but never got recognised. Some are varsity blues, She's All That, The Skulls,etc.,etc.His career never kicked off until he started doing Fast and Furious. He got famous off of fast and furious and got more and more famous more fast and furious they did. But when he died he became very happy.


Paul was going to propose to his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard. He also had a Daughter,her name was Meadow Rain Walker. His whole family was devastated especially his wife and daughter. His dad doesn't show it a lot but he is very sad. His dad is not crying when media talks to him but he talks about how sad he is.

Basic Info

Paul had two brothers .born in California September 12, 1973, and he died in car accident Nov. 30, 2013 at age 40. Played on many TV shows and movies for a while. didn't start career until fast and furious. Fast and furious 7 was made in his honor and is going to be.
his last words were "lets go for a drive". Paul died during in the making in fast and furious 7. every one is devastated of his death everyone misses him. Paul was a very good person. the car he died in was red and it was a Porsche gt.

Paul walkers brothers

The Reason I Picked Him

the reason i picked Paul Walker is because he is my favorite actor. He is my favorite person in life he is like a hero to me. I was very sad when paul died in a tragic car accident. he was a good person to everyone looked up to him on the movies he played in like fast and furious.

Positive or Negative

i think he was a positive charge because he never did anything wrong. Everyone looked up to him as a positive charge.


He overcame obstacles by playing in all those little tv shows and little movies, and the fast and furious directors chose him cause the seen the potential

Impact on society

He had a good impact because everyone looks up to him as being a good person. so they want to be a good person